The wood supply of PALLISCO and CIFM is directed exclusively to the forest titles (FMUs) managed by PALLISCO, i.e. the forest titles directly allocated to PALLISCO and its partners.

In order to increase control over its own requirements for external timber purchases, PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate decided to create and implement a policy of timber purchase (logs and processed timber) in relation to its own approach of sustainable forest resources management.

Through its policies and processes, this Policy of timber supply permits to know precisely the necessary requirements requested to timber traders for each logging concession existing. A set of documents is requested by the seller on the basis of which a buying decision or refusal of a proposal is made.

Internal requirements of this policy is regularly revised to take into account forestry legislation developments in Cameroon and requirements requested by the certification reference used by PALLISCO and CIFM companies.

The current forest resource will reinforce both the business strategy of PALLISCO timber selling (logs *exports) and the industrial development strategy of CIFM company (log supply units of production): the external timber needs are therefore very limited or nonexistent.

*: Species allowed to be exported as logs by forest legislation which some species are under quotas.