Since 1998, PALLISCO Company has been involved in many activities to promote sustainable development of its industrial activities, forest resources and local economic basin. Its actions have always been oriented towards the sustainability of forest resources necessary to sustain the activities of the company, support of local socio-economic initiatives, voluntary contribution to the preservation of wildlife and the environment, working with administrations, involvement of local and international agencies in its activities, participation in workshops and various topics of discussion, the formalization of relevant relations with partnership agreements. This development is in constant evolution.

From our point of view, forest certification is not an objective in itself to achieve: it must correspond to a clearly expressed commitment to satisfy customer demands on the international timber market. We believe that certification can be used as a tool for development and progress for the company; we also believe it is a tool for recognition of a thoughtful approach and actions carried out continuously.

In this sense, PALLISCO and CIFM companies aim both their business development as any trader and their comprehensive approach directed towards the sustainable management of their activities and its environment: forest management, logging, wood processing, environmental protection and social development.

This orientation can not be achieved without taking into account the specific conditions of the Congo Basin and especially the context of Cameroon (legislation, economic and social context). This situation requires a progressive approach adapted in the implementation of certification requirements.

The enhancement of our experience and our progress internationally will be then achieved by obtaining in delay an international independent and recognized certificate (forest management and chain of wood custody), a choice justified and voluntary of PALLISCO and CIFM companies based on business requirements of our markets.

To show our customers the choice and implementation of our internal approach, important steps have been made :
1) A pre-certification audit conducted by Eurocertifor -BVQI (Bureau Veritas Certification) in April 2005 ;
2) PALLISCO and CIFM companies receive the OLB certificate on 05/07/2005 ;
3) PALLISCO and CIFM become permanent members of CAFTN (Central Africa Forest Trade Network) on 22/12/2005.
4) The FSC certificate of forest management and chain of custody is awarded to PALLISCO and also FSC certification of chain of custody to CIFM on 09/10/2008 (Bureau Veritas Certfication).
5) The FSC certification of PALLISCO and CIFM companies is renewed in October, 2013 for the next 5 years.
6) The FSC certification of PALLISCO and CIFM companies is renewed in June, 2015 for the next 5 years. 

7) The OLB certificates of PALLISCO (logging) and CIFM (CoC) are renewed respectively in March and September 2020 for the next 5 years.