Sustainable management

A multi-partners resource

The forest resource exploited by PALLISCO includes the forest titles (FMU) which were attributed to the company as well as those having been attributed to its partners (SODETRAN-CAM and La Forestière de Mbalmayo S.A). The exploitation of the whole resource is realized by PALLISCO. The exploitation of the forest titles of its partners is realized on the basis of partnership agreements notarized and approved by the administration in charge of forests. This whole forest resource represents 165 293 ha for PALLISCO ( 3 FMUs) and 223 656 ha for its partners ( 4 FMUs), that is a forest concession of 7 FMUs for a total surface of 388 949 ha.

Forest titleContractorContract dateSurface (ha)

FMU 10-030



76 850

FMU 10-031*



41 202

FMU 10-047b



47 241

FMU 10-039**

La Forestière de Mbalmayo


47 585

FMU 10-041***



64 961

FMU 10-042



44 249

FMU 10-044****



66 861



388 949

*Initially attributed to Sodetran-Cam in 2006
**Initially attributed to Pallisco in 2001
***Initially attributed to Assene N'Kou in 2001
****Initially attributed to Assene N'Kou in 2000

For each of these FMU, a Provisional Convention and a specification has been signed between the contracting company and the State of Cameroon owner of forests. According to local forestry legislation, a period of three years is left to the operator to produce a development plan and obtain validation from the administration in charge of forests. Subsequently, a Final Agreement is signed between the contractor and the State for a period of fifteen years, renewable with a specification, subject to the prior classification of the FMU by the State (final definition of boundaries and permanent allocation of the area in the logging forest).

Depending on the contract date of each FMU, the management plans have been progressively made by the Planning Unit with the technical support of the association "Nature+" (2002-2008).

The particular situation of three FMUs with common boundaries (FMU 10-041, 10-042 and 10-044) allowed the Planning Unit to present a group of FMU in order to establish a single and common development plan for streamlining operations and ensure better regeneration of forests previously operated as Licenses. This combination is validated by the administration in charge of forests on 01/07/2003 and its development plan is approved on 26/11/2004. PALLISCO company was the first company in Cameroon to have proposed a grouping of three FMUs from three separate contractors.

At the end of 2004, three development plans of the five FMUs have been validated by the administration: PALLISCO timber concession is operated fully under management plan since January 1, 2005.

FMU 10-031 is a forest concession under common boundaries with the FMU 10-030. Initially attributed to SODETRANCAM in October 2006, the proposed combination of these two FMUs was validated in March 2007 by the administration in charge of forests. The opportunity was thus presented to review two development plans within a single and same plan, validated on November 31, 2008.

Situation of the forest massif development

FMU/AreaTotal surface (ha)Date of validation of development plans

FMU 10-030/10-031

118 052


FMU 10-039

47 585


FMU 10-041/10-042/10-044

176 071


FMU 10 047b 47 241 26/10/2015


388 949