Origin and Legality of Wood (OLB) *

To give its customers an internationally recognized certificate on the legality of its activities and level of timber traceability, PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate decides to focus on obtaining OLB certification *.

The OLB certificate ensures customers :
- Respect of the implementation of Cameroon legislation regarding the activities of PALLISCO and CIFM companies: forest management, forestry logging, environment, sanitation, health, safety, taxation, labor law, procurement and export of timber products.
- The geographical origin of wood (logs and processed wood) compared to the traceability system implemented by PALLISCO and CIFM companies.

OLB trade mark on wood products (logs and packages) identifies the OLB certification.

To formalize its commitment PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate establishes its "policy of engagement with OLB certification" on 31/05/2005.

Following the initial audit conducted by Eurocertifor BVQI agency (Bureau Veritas Certification), PALLISCO and CIFM companies receive on 06/07/2005 the OLB certificate covering forestry logging on its forest concessions for PALLISCO (logs) and wood processing for CIFM (sawnwood). This certificate is sent to a second company in Cameroon and the first for a forest logging company in the East Region of Cameroon.

Surveillance audits then permit to check each year the maintaining of the level of PALLISCO and CIFM companies regarding OLB repository and check improvements required by the Corrective Action Requests (CAR): this system enables the company to improve its level compared to the OLB standard requirements.

The annual audit of surveillance in June 2007 confirmes the growth of PALLISCO and CIFM companies with the extension of the scope of the OLB certificate to logs from FMU 10-031 (FMU operated by PALLISCO) and dried and planed wood products (processed by CIFM). All wood products of PALLISCO and CIFM are OLB certified.

In June 2008 the third surveillance audit is done jointly with  FSC certification   audit. Traceability system and rule of law, approved by the OLB certificate, plus all the improvements related to obtaining FSC certification.

The OLB certificate was renewed in 2010, 2015 & 2020.

*: O.L.B. is a system of certification of Bureau Veritas Certification - Eurocertifor which guarantees the geographical origin and legality of wood products.
Origin and Legality of Wood © Bureau Veritas Certification - Eurocertifor (2004).


OLB Certificate*



PALLISCO and CIFM Companies:

OLB certificate of legality and traceability



n° OLB-CERT/COC-050701 (CIFM)



PALLISCO and CIFM Companies are OLB certified by

Bureau Veritas Certification.


The certificate is available below (see "Documentation").

Internal development

1) Obtainment of the OLB certificate on 06/07/2005.
[PALLISCO: logs from FMUs 10-030, 10-039, 10-041, 10-042 and 10-044]
[CIFM: industrial processing (sawnwood)]

2) Annual surveillance audits No. 1 from 21 to 26/05/2006.

3) Annual surveillance audits No. 2 from 23 to 30/06/2007.

4) Obtainment of 2007 OLB certificate version on 23/10/2007.
[Extension of application scope for Pallisco: logs from FMU 10-031]
[Extension of application scope for CIFM: drying and planing operations]

5) Annual Surveillance Audits n°3 from 4 to 11/07/2008.

6) Annual surveillance audits No. 4 of 08 13/06/2009.

7) Renewal audits No. 1 from 13 to 18/09/2010.

8) Annual surveillance audits No. 1 of 12 to 16/09/2011.

9) Annual inspection audit n°2 from 17 to 21/09/2012.

10) Annual surveillance audit n°3 from 11 to 17/06/2013.

11) Annual Surveillance Audits n°4 from 16 to 21/06/2014.

12) Renewal audits n°2 from 15 to 20/06/2015.

13) Annual inspection audit from n°1 from 6 to 11/06/206.

14) Annual inspection audit from n°2 from 29/05 to 03/06/2017

15) Annual inspection audit  n°3 of 24/03/2018

16) OLB CoC certification audit of PALLISCO from 31/05 to 02/06/2018

17) Annual surveillance audits from 18 to 23 March 2019

18) Renewal audits (3rd cycle) in March (CIFM chain of custody) and September (PALLISCO logging) 2020

19) Annual surveillance audits in March 2021

20) Annual surveillance audits in March 2022


Evolution externe

This certificate provides a complete OLB chain of custody (PALLICO, CIFM, then SCBT), from the producer of logs to the trader of processed wood products, for the sale of OLB products.

Certificat SCBT OLB 21 - 26



 Certificate OLB CoC CIFM 2020-2025. (french version)

 Certificate OLB CoC PALLISCO 2018-2023. (french version)

 Certificate EF OLB PALLISCO 2021-2026. (french version)

 OLB Repository for loggers     (french version)

 OLB Repository for wood processors and traders   (french version)

Additional information

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