Creation of HSE Service

Taking into account the requirements of hygiene, safety and environment PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate created the HSE Service (Health, Safety, Environment) based directly on Mindourou industrial and forestry site.

The managers in charge of implementing HSE measures, who came into operation on 01/02/2006, ensure that PALLISCO's logging activities and CIFM's industrial wood processing activities are in line with the requirements (local legislation and certification standards adopted by the management). In order to improve monitoring and evaluation practices, the HSE and certification departments have been combined into a quality unit.

They are responsible for ensuring the implementation of the following internal policies
- Environmental Policy ;
- Health, Safety and Security Policy
- HIV-AIDS policy.

Missions of the HSE Service will affect all services of the company in the forestry and industrial site, including logging camps: its transversal and determining role in the internal process of PALLISCO and CIFM companies sustainable management.


Internal action plan and activities monitoring

PALLISCO and CIFM voluntary approach about internal evaluation and improvement of its performance on all its activities has led the Directorate to implement and monitor an internal action plan. Hygiene, safety and environment flaps are integrated into this internal monitoring.

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