A performance monitoring of the traceability system

Set up at the end of 2000, the system of stock management and traceability of logs has evolved to meet the needs of the company; improvements have been made, especially during 2004 with the addition of the operational inventory module allowing complete traceability of the forest to the use of logs.

In 2012, Pallisco developed a software named " PALLITRACKS " for traceability (follow up, control and evaluation of the operating activities).

The current system can deliver directly, since 2005, volume tables in the management Unit and the Operation service for use in theirs activities.

An internal action plan for certification

Based on the results of the first FSC pre-audit and the initial OLB audit conducted in April 2005, an internal action plan has been developed taking into account the different aspects of the sustainable management in the company´s activities.

The evaluation of the implementation of the internal action plan is carried out every month since June 2005 and sent to heads of company services to report on progress.

This internal action plan is updated periodically based on the results of surveillance audits conducted by an independent agency under the FSC® and OLB certification (Bureau Veritas Certification).

An annual report on the outcome of the certification process is conducted annually for PALLISCO-CIFM Directorate.


An action plan of environmental measures

The voluntary initiative of PALLISCO and CIFM companies towards the improvement of its level in environmental subject led the Direction to realize in July, 2006 a study of environmental impact (updated in December, 2008) on the basis of the FSC reference table.

The results of this study have helped develop an action plan of environmental measures which describe the various activities to achieve in short, medium and long term. The implementation monitoring of these activities is carried out by the cell Quality Manager and reported internally.


A social management plan

PALLISCO and CIFM voluntary approach to improve its level in the social has led the Directorate to achieve in August 2006 a social impact study on the basis of the FSC standard.

The results of this study helped to develop a Social Management Plan (SMP) which describes the various activities to make within short, medium and long term. The implementation monitoring of these activities is carried out periodically by the social aspect of the Management Cell.


An internal activities and procedures evaluation

In order to strengthen the corporate approach of all the activities follow-up and evaluation, the "Follow-up-evaluation" section was created within the Development Cell (in December, 2007). Transferred to the operation service in January, 2012, this section has in charge the evaluation of the forestry development activities on the basis of the company internal procedures and the certification specific requirements.

Structured by the Head office in charge of cell Quality at the level of the internal audit requirements, the results of these internal controls allow to undertake corrective measures to directly improve the situation by the concerned department heads.

The different procedures for the relevant activities of PALLISCO and CIFM enterprises ("Logging Manual", "Custody Manual", etc ...) are periodically checked and updated.


An internal reporting of activities achieved

For many years the internal organization of PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate in reporting is primarily based on production (logging and timber processing). The services managers concerned issue a report of activity for the Directorate monthly. An annual report is produced and communicated to the administrations concerned.

The creation of new services such as management Unit, Certification Service, HSE Service completes the monthly report to monitor the company´s achievements in its various components.