Forest Stewardship Council®

Forest Stewardship Council®

is an international non-governmental non-profit organization. Organized into three chambers (economic, environmental and social), its mission is to promote a world forests management that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

FSC® has developed the first system of forest certification, based mainly on the "10 principles and 56 criteria of good forest management" as an international standard of forest management. This standard is adapted by each country to local conditions by the FSC® national office of representation (FSC® national standard) or, when not represented, by the FSC® accredited agency.

FSC® has developed a system of certification of forest products based on two certificates: the forest management certificate and the certificate of procurement and processing (or chain of custody, also known as chain of traceability).

FSC® has created a certification program for independent certification agencies, third parties, to certify forest management and chain of custody of timber according to requirements set by the FSC®.

FSC® has developed its own brand and logo so that final users (consumers) can identify wood products from FSC® certified forest.

FSC® Certificats


PALLISCO Company :

- FSC® logging Certificate °BV-FM/COC-832214 (FMUs 10-030, 10-031, 10-039, 10-041, 10-042, 10-044, soit 341 708 ha)

n° FSC® C021687

- FSC® chain of custody Certificate °BV-COC-141746

CIFM Company :

FSC® chain of custody Certificate

n° license FSC® °BV-COC-832214


PALLISCO and CIFM companies are FSC® certified by

Bureau Veritas Certification.

Internal development

1) An evaluation of PALLISCO and CIFM activities is conducted in April 2005 by Eurocertifor-BVQI (Bureau Veritas Certification) on the basis of FSC® certification standard suitable for the conditions of Cameroon (pre-audit FSC®).

2) On 22/12/2005 PALLISCO signs a cooperation agreement with WWF-CARPO on its accession to CAFTN (Central Africa Forest Trade Network) and benifits technical support on the basis of an action plan jointly elaborated to finally obtain FSC® certification.

3) To formalize its commitment, PALLISCO and CIFM Directorate adopts its "Policy of commitment to FSC® certification" on 03/12/2006.

4) An awareness of the FSC® certification to PALLISCO and CIFM personnel, including partners and subcontractors, is performed in January 2007 by the FSC® National Initiative Cameroon.

5) A second FSC® pre-audit is made in March 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification for FMU 10-031 integrated in 2006 (outside the scope of the first pre-audit 2005).

6) The initial FSC® audit of PALLISCO (forest management) and CIFM (chain of custody) is carried out from July 4 to 11, 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification.

7) The Certification Committee of Bureau Veritas Certification awards PALLICO on October 9, 2008 a FSC® certification of forest management and chain of custody; FSC® chain of custody certificate is awarded to CIFM.

8) The first surveillance audit held from 8 to 13 June 2009. It is led by four auditors appointed by the Bureau Veritas Certification. The certificate is renewed and the public report issued in February 2010.

9) The second surveillance audit held from 13 to 18 September 2010.

10) Annual inspection audit No. 3 from 12 to 16/09/2011  

11) Annual inspection audit n°4 from 17 to 21/09/2012.

12) Audit of renewal n°1 from 11 to 17/06/2013

13) Annual inspection n°1 from 16 to 21/06/2014

14) Annual inspection n°2 from 15 to 20/06/2015

15) Annual inspection n°3 from n° 6 to 11/06/2016

16) Annual inspection n°4 from 29/05 to 03/06/2017

17) Renewal inspection n°2 from 19 to 24/03/2018

18) The initial FSC® audit of Pallisco (forest management) and CIFM (chain of custody) is carried out from May 31 to June 02, 2018 by Bureau Veritas Certification.

19) Annual supervisory audit from 18 to 23 March 2019

20) Annual surveillance audit n°2 in March (chain of custody) and September (Forest Management) 2020

21) Annual surveillance audits in March 2021

22) Annual surveillance audits in March 2022


External development

The Certification Committee of Bureau Veritas Certification on December 8, 2008 gives the FSC® certificate chain control to SCBT, marketing affiliate of PALLISCO and CIFM wood products.

This certificate provides a complete FSC® chain of custody (PALLISCO, CIFM then SCBT), from the producer of logs to the trader of processed wood products, to sell "FSC® Pure" products.

FSC Certificate n° BV-COC-920207 (SCBT)

Stakeholders consultation

List of documents available during the certification process until the initial audit: :
- Call notice* for consultation with stakeholders,
- Invitation notice* to Public Meeting (Yaounde, 30/05/2008),
- The registration form*of stakeholders consultation,
- Summary of the study on the presence of HCVF (Version 01-1).

List of documents currently available :
- Summary of management plans and FSC® guidelines (v. 01-1),
- Summary of the study on the presence of HCVF validated by stakeholders (version 02).

The documents are available on "Information" page. [ Go to this page ]

* = Bureau Veritas Certification Document.


The public report of the initial CSF audit of the Pallisco company is available on the website of Bureau Veritas Certification organization.
[ Access to the list of reports: Section "Chain Forest-Wood," internal links "Public Reports". ]

 Certificat FSC FM PALLISCO 2022-2023.

 Certificat CoC FSC PALLISCO 2018-2023.

 Certificat FSC CIFM 2018-2023.

Additional information

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