Sustainable management

January 20, 1994 : Forestry Law No. 94/01 on the regime of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries and its implementation Decree No. 95/531/PM of August 23, 1995.

1994 : Creation of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MINEF) [Directorate of Forestry previously integrated into the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI)].

December 1995  : Zoning Plan of the forest area of southern Cameroon has been developed and promulgated by decree; the zoning plan divides the forest land area in permanent and non permanent estate and requires the sustainable management of forest ecosystem as a whole.

1996 : Production forests for long term logging are divided into "Forest Management Units (FMU) which is awarded to a trader by public tender. The trader and the administration jointly sign a Convention with a specification.

August 5, 1996 : Law N ° 96/12 on the framework law on the management of the environment.

March 1999 : Creation of an Emergency Action Plan for Cameroon following the meeting of Heads of State on the conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests.

June 1999 : Creation of Intervention Standards in Urban Forestry (NIMF). December

May 25, 2001 : Order No. 0222 establishing procedures for the preparation, approval, monitoring and control of the implementation of management plans of permanent forest production.

May 2004  : finalization of Forest and Environment Sector Programme (PSFE) established by the Government for the establishment of a coherent framework for all interventions.

December 22, 2004 : Principles, Criteria and Indicators (PCI) for sustainable management of forests in Cameroon are validated on the basis of PCI ATO / ITTO.

December 2004 : Separation of MINEF into two Ministries, MINFOF (Forestry and Wildlife) and MINEP (Environment and Nature Protection).

February 23, 2005 : Decree No. 2005/0577/PM laying down rules for carrying out Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and Order No. 0070/MINEP of 22/04/2005 fixing activities subject to the achievement of a EIS.